Primary Thin Battery

Primary Thin Battery

Primary Thin Battery in different dimensions for various applications

  • Product No.: 2014723145545


Electrical Characteristics                                    
Chemistry: LiMnO2

Nominal capacity (mAh)          [email protected] to 2V @23℃ 

Rated voltage (V)                 3.0


Max. Continuous current (mA)      40                        

Max. pulse current (mA)           100                          

Storage temperature             -20 ~+40 ℃                   

Operation temperature range     -20℃~+60℃                  

Weight (g)                     4.5                          

Anode tape/cathode tape         Aluminum/Nickel                   

Self Discharge Rate             Under 2% for [email protected]℃      

Jacket                         Flexible Aluminum Foil Packaging

Max. dimensions (mm)           2.1×30×46

Here is the detailed
Data Sheet, and also Cells List of this type battery cells for your information. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have not found the suitable model here. Thank you. 


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