PERMA Battery Lipo 033060 1800mAh 7.4V

PERMA Battery Lipo 033060 1800mAh 7.4V

PERMA Battery Pack Lipo 033060 1800mAh 7.4V

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 PERMA Battery Pack Lithium Polymer 033060 1800mAh 7.4V with Protection PCM and Wires

Electrical Charactors:

Charging Voltage: 8.4V
Standard charge: Constant Current 0.5C, Constant Voltage 8.4V 0.01 C5 cut-off, Charge time : Approx 4.0h
Standard discharge: Constant current 0.2 C5A, end voltage 5.5V
Fast charge: Constant Current 1C5, Constant Voltage 8.4V 0.01 C5Acut-off, Charge time : Approx 2.5h
Fast discharge: Constant current 1 C5A, end voltage 5.5V
Maximum Continuous Charge Current :1 C5A
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current :1.5C5A
OperationTemperature Range, 60±25%R.H. Bare Cell
Charge: 0~45℃
Discharge: -20~60℃
StorageTemperature Range: -20~25℃ for Less than 1 year, -20~40℃ for less than 3 months,60±25%R.H. at the shipment state

Protection Circuit: Over charge, over discharge, over heat, short circuit, etc.

Terminal Type: Leading wires and connector as requested

Various capacity at different dimensions can be available

Applications: Wireless Electric devices such as GPS trackers, car drive systems, Security Devices, Law Enforce equipments, Etc.


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