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 The significant advantages of Alkaline battery packs & assemblies are longer shelf life, better leakage resistance, and superior low temperature performance. 
  • Cell Voltage: 1.5V (nominal) 0.8V (cut-off)
  • Capacity: 34 mAh to 15,000 mAh
  • Energy by Weight: 75 Wh/lb. (163 Wh/kg)
  • Energy by Volume: 6.5 Wh/cubic inch (398 Wh/litre)
  • Discharge Characteristics : (recommended drain 620W to 39W )
  • Shelf Life: 5 years to 80% capacity (20° C)
  • Temperature Range: -20° C to +55° C
  • Sizes: AAAA, AAA, AA, C, D and 9 volt
  • Weight: 12grams to 135grams
  • Applications: Cameras, Electric Shavers, Electronic Calculators, Electronic Door Locks, Fire Detectors, Flashlights, Pagers, Strobes, Tape Recorders, Toys, and other cordless products

They are free of mercury and cadmium, which make them non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Alkaline batteries are a smart choice for consumers because they last for a long period of time, perform well at high and low temperatures, and have a long storage life. They can be stored at room temperature for two years and still retain 90 percent of their original capacities. And our PERMA Alkaline Batteries are designed with high current and large capacity, which means we offer high performance batteries to our customers.

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