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Lithium Thionyl Chloride(Li-SOCl2) Battery has high energy density, and its nominal voltage is 3.6V. Bobbin structure is best suitable for low current discharge and spiral structure is suitable for high current discharge.
Principle and Reactions
The positive active material of Li-SOCl2 batteries is liquid Thionyl Chloride (SOCl2) while negative active material is Lithium (Li).The reactions of the batteries are shown as follows:                                                                            
Positive reaction: 2SOCl2 + 4Li+ + 4e- →4LiCl + S + SO2
Negative reaction: Li → Li+ + e-
Total reaction: 2SOCl2+4Li → 4LiCl+ S + SO2
Key Features:
1) Stable and high operating voltage.
2) Wide temperature range from -55
to +85.
3) Superior Shelf Life and Reliability: over 10 years’ shelf life at room temperature and self-discharge rate is less than 1% per year.
4) High Power type is spiral structure and suitable for high current discharge applications.
Medical Instruments, Cash Registers
Alarms and security wireless devices
Mobile asset tracking
Electronic Meters (Water, Gas, Electricity, Calorimeter, Flowmeter )
Automotive telemeters
Vehicle tracking device
Electronic toll collection systems
Identification and tracking systems
Professional electronics
Programmable logic controls (PLC)

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