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Posted Time : 2023/2/28 5:01:28
Siddhant Khera says : We are looking for a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery. The battery needs to fit inside a small device so small size and the ability to supply 3A or more is key. Following are the requirements to meet: - Dimensions = Maximum 50mm x 20mm x 8mm - 20C LiPo Battery, 75-130mAh, 3.7V - Key is >3A discharge for 10s, and size constraint. Flexible on the battery capacity in mAh as long as it is >75mAh - Attached PCM - EAU= 100-200k per year Please let me know if you have a product available or if something can be custom designed. If yes, I would like to discuss and get samples. We are looking to decide on the battery supplier, so the sooner we can get samples the better. Please quote on the provided options. Please let me know if you have any questions, and looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, Sid Reply :
Posted Time : 2023/2/5 18:15:12
Bruceguple says : Sveiki, aš norėjau sužinoti jūsų kainą. Reply :
Posted Time : 2022/12/6 4:18:00
Tyson Declavs says : Hello Sir/Madam, With this letter, I would like to inform you that I am currently working on a project. I will need a wide range of accumulators and batteries ASAP. I request that you provide me with the above process as soon as possible to avoid delays in the completion of the project. Thank you, and I await a quick response from you. Reply :
Posted Time : 2022/7/30 8:24:22
James J. Fair says : Hi, How are you doing? I have got a great guest post offer for you that will help you get more traffic to your site. I will send you a quality article of your readers’ interests and will just need a backlink to my site in return. For that, either you can share the topic ideas of your choice and I will write an article on that or I will share the topic ideas for you to choose one and will send you the article on it. Please share your targeted niche and focus keyword if any. Let me know what you think? Regards, James J. Fair Reply :
Posted Time : 2022/6/29 0:31:29
Roslyn says : New Multifunction Waterproof Backpack The best ever SUPER Backpack: Drop-proof/Scratch-resistant/USB Charging/Large capacity storage 50% OFF for the next 24 Hours ONLY + FREE Worldwide Shipping for a LIMITED time Buy now: Enjoy, Roslyn Reply :
Posted Time : 2022/6/3 3:00:26
Harsimranjit Kaur says : We are designing a project for which we need a curved battery. The capacity required is 2000-2100 mAh. Is it possible to customize the shape of the battery of this capacity? What is the lead time and prospective cost of customization? Reply :
Posted Time : 2021/9/9 14:45:59
Waleed Basmair says : Hello, We are manufacturers company based in Saudi Arabia. We would like to quote for "alkaline battery pack 4.5v 2.7ah" for minimum quantity. Looking forward to hear from you. Regards, Waleed Reply :
Posted Time : 2021/6/24 17:15:38
Nicola Colonna says : Dear Sirs/Madams, The Name is Nicola Colonna and I work as Buyer for Samauto SPA (ITALY). We are currently looking for new suppliers and I decided to contact you because you produce Liefo4 battery packs. Actually we would be interested in lithium motorcycle batteries and battery chargers. I hope its no big deal for you giving me some company names to contact that produce these final goods. We would also be interested in portable energy storage. Kindly waiting for your feedback! Thank you in avance, Nicola Colonna Reply :
Posted Time : 2021/5/21 10:47:49
Nicholas rostant says : Hi I would like to know if you make a 3 battery battery pack for a mobile speaker Reply :
Posted Time : 2021/5/3 21:44:17
Josh Lesniak says : Good morning, looking to purchase some battery packs for an auto luber. 4.5V 2.7ah. I can send a photo if needed. Reply :
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