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E-Bike Markets Maturing in USA

Author : PERMA Battery Date : 7/24/2014 8:03:01 PM
 According to 2013 US customs data, US imported 86,992 electric bicycles, among which 71,387 came from China. Currie remains the largest e-bike importer in the US. From Jan to May 2014, 41,765 electric bikes were imported into the US, an increase of 33% compared with the previous year.  In the past, the majority of e-bikes were lead-acid ones sold through mass merchants like Wal-Mart at the average price of US$ 550. Today, IBDs are becoming the major distribution channel, selling e-bikes at an average price of US$ 2,000,and the high performance rechargeable Li-ion battery packs are more and more popular. Consumers are also willing to pay more for an e-bike with better performance and upgraded functionality,equiped with smart devices such as LED lights on road safety. An increasing number of European e-bike and component exhibitors are trying to expand their sales in the US.