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Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery is a kind of rechargeable battery with nominal voltage of 1.2V, which has three types: cylindrical, prismatic and button-type.
Ni-MH batteries are designed to meet the requirement for increasingly higher levels of energy demanded by nowadays electronic products.
The negative electrode reaction occurring in a Ni-MH cell is
H2O + M + e- → OH- + MH
The charge reaction is read left-to-right and the discharge reaction is read right-to-left. On the positive electrode, nickel oxyhydroxide (NiOOH) is formed.
Ni(OH)2 + OH- → NiO(OH) + H2O + e-
Key Features:
        1)  Excellent discharge characteristics
2) Green power. Ni-MH batteries are free of cadmium, lead, and mercury. They are an environmentally friendly chemical power source
3) High energy density. Ni-MH Batteries have approximately twice of the capacity compared with standard Ni-Cd batteries
4) Long shelf life. Ni-MH batteries provide long storage life with few limited conditions. It offers failure-free charge after long storage, permitting to use in a wide range of applications
5) Cycle life is about 500 charge and discharge cycles. 
6) Fast charge in appro. 1.2 hours
7) No memory effect
Communication devices: cordless telephones, interphones.
Audio and video equipments: portable camcorder, Walkman, DVD, DVD, TV.
Information devices: portable facsimile apparatus.
Household appliances: electric shaver, electric toothbrush, massage device, portable Vacuum Cleaner.
Metering instruments.
Emergency security systems.
Medical devices Pet collars Cordless lights
Electric toys.
Electric tools.


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NiMH AAA 4.8V 900mAh Battery Pack
NiMH AAA 4.8V 900mAh Battery Pack
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